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How to upsell products in Shopify cart with Fera

What is an Upsell Skill? The 'Upsell Products in the Cart' skill is used to help increase the average value ...
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How Social Proof Can Help Your ROAS for PPC Campaigns

If you are running an e-commerce store, you know that you are going to need to advertise at some point ...
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Data Privacy Concerns for eCommerce Store Owners

Data Privacy Around the world, governments are stepping in to ensure customer data is private and protected. Many people didn't ...
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instagram feed

Should I Use a Social Proof feed or Social Proof Popups?

What's the point of Social Proof Feeds/Popups and why use them? Social Proof feeds and pop up notifications are used ...
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why social proof increases conversions

9 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Social Selling

Social selling is now part and parcel of every SaaS business. If you want to jump onto the bandwagon, you ...
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What is the easiest way to gather reviews and testimonials?

The easiest way to gather reviews and testimonials is to ask your customers for them!  "But wait..." you say, "that ...
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[Announcement] Verified by Fera Social Proof Badge

What is the Verified by Fera social proof badge? The verified by Fera badge helps your shoppers understand the social ...
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fake shopify reviews

Making Your User Experience Better

Your dashboard has been updated We just updated your dashboard and we couldn't be happier! This latest update is not ...
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Flash Sale or Evangelist? The importance of long-term Influencer Marketing

What is the True Power of Long-Term Influencer Marketing? Effective influencers influence consumer behavior and their decision-making when it comes ...
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