Why would anyone want to add urgency to everything. Especially when it comes to their Shopify store?

Adding urgency to your online store is a great way to boost your conversion rate without spending any extra money on ads or a website redesign. Adding urgency can take many forms like a countdown timer on your Shopify Store or adding urgent words to your product copy.

Urgency Increases the Likelihood of a Desired Action

To increase the likelihood of the desired action (like increasing conversions) you have several options:

Increase the clarity of your offer

  • Test with A-B testing to see how to best get your message across
  • Pilot any ads/photos/posts you plan on putting out to the world to get lots of feedback
  • Iron out any communication issues/confusion

Increase the relevance of your offer

  • Target your ideal audience; or tailor your audience to the offer you’re proposing by
    • Researching your audience, deciding who you want to target
    • Determine where is your traffic coming from

Increase trust by reducing worry

  • Make sure your website/ad/post looks trustworthy; outdated sites, unsecuredĀ sites or payment gates that don’t seem real will have people running away screaming
  • Put together FAQs so customers can get all the info they crave
  • Offer a money-back guaranteeĀ if you can

Reduce on-site distractions

  • DON’T have a million pop-ups or unnecessary information distracting your customers, keep it clean & simple
  • Make it easy to understand/read, use Layman’s terms (terms someone who isn’t an expert can understand

But Most Importantly: Add Urgency to Your Offer

Dilbert comic about urgency image
Taken from http://dilbert.com/strip/2013-02-18

Urgency is strong, but without the things mentioned above, it won’t do well on its own. That is why you have to

  1. Show that other people bought your products or clicked a link or signed up
  2. Know the difference between real and implied urgency.
    • Real urgency is saying an offer expires in 5 hours (and then it doesn’t exist again)
    • Implied urgency is taking words like “now”, “today”, and “hurry” suggest to the customer to act now even if there is no real urgency
  3. Understand that the right amount of urgency depends on the context
  4. Add urgency to your stock, let customers know the product won’t be around long due to its popularity and scarcity of stock
  5. Have a ticking clock let customers know they’re running low on time, forcing them into action (think like a cart timer, or a get it by timer)
  6. Use the colour red-it just works to instill a sense of urgency in consumers thanks to our conditioning from a young age

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