Increasing the Likelihood of a Desired Action

To increase the likelihood of a desired action (like increasing conversions) you have several options:

  • Increase the clarity of your offer
    • Test with A-B testing to see how to best get your message across
    • Pilot any ads/photos/posts you plan on putting out to the world to get lots of feedback
    • Iron out any communication issues/confusion
  • Increase the relevance of your offer to your target audience; or tailor your audience to the offer you’re proposing
    • Research your audience, decide who you want to target
    • Where is your traffic coming from?
  • Increase trust by reducing worry
    • Make sure your website/ad/post looks trustworthy; outdated sites, unsecuredĀ sites or payment gates that don’t seem real will have people running away screaming
    • Put together FAQs so customers can get all the info they crave
    • Offer a money-back guaranteeĀ if you can
  • Reduce distractions
    • DON’T have a million pop-ups or unnecessary information distracting your customers, keep it clean & simple
    • Make it easy to understand/read, use Layman’s terms (terms someone who isn’t an expert can understand

But Most Importantly: Add Urgency to Your Offer

Dilbert comic about urgency image
Taken from
  • Urgency is strong, but without the things mentioned above it won’t do well on its own
  • Show that other people bought your products or clicked a link or signed up
  • Real urgency is saying an offer expires in 5 hours (and then it doesn’t exist again)
  • Implied urgency is taking words like “now”, “today”, and “hurry” suggest to the customer to act now even if there is no real urgency
  • The right amount of urgency depends on context
  • Add urgency to your stock, let customers know the product won’t be around long due to its popularity and scarcity of stock
  • Have a ticking clock let customers know they’re running low on time, forcing them into action (think like a cart timer, or a get it by timer)
  • Use the colour red-it just works to instill a sense of urgency in consumers thanks to our conditioning from a young age

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