We’ve added a new skill that is available free to merchants using Fera today. The skill is a “Christmas Countdown Promo Bar” or (Christmas Promo Bar) that lets you create a top promo bar that will count down until a fixed date near Christmas.

How to choose a “time left before Christmas” date to count down to.

You will want to set this date to the latest day you will likely be able to accept orders in order for them to be received before Christmas (using the fastest shipping option available).

Customizing the appearance of your Christmas countdown promo bar.

You can also customize the appearance, and we’ve included a few pre-built holiday themes for you to get started.

How to personalize the timer depending on the shopper’s country.

If a shopper is in a country that takes longer for you to show a different timer for those shoppers. You can do this easily with Fera by creating 2 different Christmas Countdown Promo Bar skills.

On each promo bar skill, you’ll want to first create a condition that the shopper is in the target country or countries. You can group conditions and also exclude countries as well. Afterwards just set the modified countdown date, and voila – you’re good to go!

Promo Bars won’t overlap.

Fera will automatically ensure that the promo bars don’t overlap, so it’ll never display two promo bars that same time as long as the display conditions are exclusive.

If you’ve got questions or concerns please reach out and our friendly team will be willing to help. Happy selling!

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