What is a Promo Bar?

A Promo bar is a feature that lets you show promotions or sales on your eCommerce website. Promo bars will display at the top of all of your site’s pages. They allow you to display information about promotions, sales, discounts, free shipping and more. You can even include a countdown timer to let customers know how much time they have to get a deal!

How can I add one to my site?

You can add a promo bar to your eCommerce site through the Fera.ai App. The idea is that you’re creating urgency on your site. You’re letting your customers and potential customers know that they can get in on a special deal for a time of year, holiday or period of time, but they only have a limited time to get in on the deal.

Head over to the Promo Bar Skill and either ‘create’ or ‘edit’ a skill. Once you’re getting set up you have the option to either use a pre-existing code you have in Shopify, or create a new one that will sync with Shopify’s Discount section. You can set an expiry date, a discount % value, a fixed amount off or free shipping, and if there is a minimum total to use the coupon. You can also set usage limits for the discount code. If you want to link to a specific item that you’re offering a discount or free shipping on you can also include a “take me there” button to the specific product’s URL.

Adding a Promo Bar for Mother’s Day

So Mother’s Day this year (2018) in North America is Sunday, May 13th. So let’s say we want to offer a promo bar for a special Mother’s Day deal where you can get 15% off your purchase (but only if you spend over $25) for the 13th.

First let’s create a Promo Bar Skill.

Once we’ve create a promo bar we can get it setup. We want to set a schedule in the ‘General Settings’ tab so that it’s only live for May 13th. Let’s also rename it “Mother’s Day Promo Bar” so we can differentiate it if we have more than one promo bar running.

Then let’s set the behaviour of our Promo Bar. We want to set a time for the Promo Bar to end, and potentially change our countdown message. Let’s have it say “We’re giving back to Moms everywhere! Use code %DISCOUNT_CODE% for a discount before time’s up: %TIMER%” The Discount and Timer will be replaced by the code, and the countdown timer when live on your site!

Now let’s create a discount code. We will call it “Mother’s-Day-15%-OFF” and set it to expire 05/13/2018 at 11:59PM. We want the code to be a ‘Percentage Off’ and have a discount value of 15%. Let’s set the minimum order total to $25. So you must spend $25 or more to be able to use the discount code. We will set total usage limit as ‘unlimited’ so everyone can use it, not just the first 100 visitors. We will also limit use to once per user.

Now we can cusztomize to make it match our site and what we want to promote. Use either pre-designed themes or create your own. Once it’s looking the way we want it to we can check it out on our site.

Checking out the final product

Now we can check out how it would appear at the top of our site! We’re ready for Mother’s Day and to offer promotions for all sorts of different sales in the future.

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