Get it By Timer for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching in North America (and the rest of the world) you may be starting to add sales and deals to your eCommerce store to urge your customers to buy. Luckily is here to help you with two really awesome skills-the Promo Bar and the Get it By Timer. Let customers know if they use a special discount and order within a certain time or number of days that they’ll receive their Father’s Day gifts before the big day.

Get it By Timer

There are a few key steps here. Starting off we want to set a schedule. Let’s have it start immediately and end on Father’s Day. Since is in Canada we will use Sunday, June 17th as our end data because that’s when Father’s Day is here.


I set a priority # here. If you have another skill running you may want to disable it for the time of the Father’s Day one or set a priority to both with a smaller one for the Father’s Day campaign to tell it to run above all else.

Display Message

Now let’s set up the message we want to show. Let’s have it say “Order within %TIMER% to get it by Father’s Day on %DATE%! This will serve as a reminder to people that Father’s Day is coming up and they should order quickly.

Delivery Speeds

Set your delivery speeds for different regions and what your cutoff time is. Cutoff time is the latest time you can still ship items out on the same day. So I set mine to 3 PM because that’s when the local post office closes, so as long as I can get orders in before then they can ship today instead of adding an additional day. I can’t ship on Saturdays or Sundays but I can deliver on both so I added those settings. If I do ship on weekends I can set another cutoff time for both days if the post office has different hours then.

Design and Colour

We can also set certain designs, add borders and so on. My site is quite simple so I’ll leave my default settings. I could also set certain triggers and conditions to only show the Get it By Timer notifications if it follows (or doesn’t follow) certain parameters.

Promo Bar for Father’s Day

We can also add a special promotion for Father’s Day to drive sales. You can either set up a promotion bar sitewide, for only when customers browse certain items, only on certain days (maybe you want to run a special discount for Dad’s only on Father’s Day?), or basically anything else you can think of. We can add a percentage discount, a dollar amount discount or even offer free shipping. So let’s get started with some settings.

Setting an End Date

Again let’s set an end date to make sure that our promo ends on Father’s Day (June 17th) at midnight. Since I don’t have a discount code I want to create one. We will disable the “manage discount externally” switch and go through options to setup a new code. The code should expire at the end of Father’s Day. I am calling the code “Love4Dads” and offering them 20% off if they spend a minimum of $25. Each user may use it once, but there’s not limit to how many users can utilize this offer. this code will save to my Shopify Discount code tab and any customer who uses it that meets the order total minimum of $25 will get this discount.

Display Message

We can also change the messaging to say that it’s a Father’s Day special and to act now or only count hours instead of days, basically however we want it to appear. We can change colour, size, text size, etc. as well. I also added a ‘Take me There’ link button. I’ll link it to my Men’s Collection so customers can be directed to items that might make good Father’s Day gifts for the Dads in their lives. If I don’t want a timer I can also turn off that portion, but I think letting people know the date is coming up might be helpful in adding some urgency. Display conditions will also allow me to show this campaign only if settings meet certain parameters. So if someone’s session time is long, if they are looking at a certain URL (maybe my Men’s Collection?) or any other parameter means the promo bar will only appear if the conditions meet those parameters.

Let’s see our changes live!

Lastly, let’s see both of our changes live! Head to your site and check how the Promo Bar and Get it By Timer are looking once you’re all finished up. Remember, if you had set display conditions you may not see them if you don’t meet those conditions. Adding ?test_mode=1 to the end of the URL will let you see a live test of how they would appear.

Congrats on getting a promotion setup for Father’s Day. If you need any help you can always reach out to our support team where we can guide you through these steps, offer advice and even make edits for you if necessary. Good luck selling!

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