Sale Types for your eCommerce Store

There are so many possibilities for sales for your eCommerce store. We’re going to use this article to go over the three that I consider the best: sitewide discounts, free shipping on all orders, and product or category specific discounts.

1. Sitewide Discounts

These are the easiest sales to setup. You can just offer a set discount on your site. This could be any amount. Ten, fifteen, twenty percent off. Whatever you decide. Simply setup a discount code for this and offer it your customers. Here are some ideas for codes: summer2019, summersale, summerdeals. You can use the Promo Bar to offer this deal to your customers. If you only want to offer it to returning customers than you can set up certain triggers and conditions. This means the code will only appear to certain customers, and not to others. You could also try out the ‘Banner Depending on Shoppers’ Time on Site’ to have a designated banner with the sale on it appear on your site. Then utilize the ‘Show Product Sale Countdown Timer’ skill within your product pages to tell customers how much time is left for the sale.

2. Free Shipping on all Orders

Use the Fera skill ‘Show Free Shipping Top Bar‘ and the ‘Show Free Shipping in Cart’ together to let customers know that shipping is free. This will show to your customers based on their time on the site, or it can just show all the time. The top bar lets you set by a specific price. So, if I offer free shipping on orders over $50 then I can setup the bar to count items in shoppers’ carts and display how much they need to add in $ to their cart to receive the free shipping.

You could also use a promo bar to inform customers that all shipping on your site is free. If you need to, use a code to offer the discount on shipping, or change your store settings to not charge any shipping costs for the time that is sale/offer is going on. You could also use the Fera skills: ‘Show Timer in Cart/Checkout’ and ‘Show Get It by Timer’. The get it by timer will let customers know when they can expect the products to arrive to them by. The timer in the cart page lets customers know how much time they have left to checkout and snag any deals (like free shipping)!

3. Product/Category Specific Discounts

These discounts or sales might be a bit harder to setup. That’s because you need to offer deals on only certain products or certain categories (summer products?). You can also use the Fera skills mentioned in the other 2 sales to promote product or category specific discounts.

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