Beating the Summer Blues

With changing temperatures come changing customer behaviours. While the air is sizzling your sales may not be. Why does the summer mean shopper blues? How come sales tend to drop, especially for eCommerce stores during the summer period?

Why do sales drop in the summer?

People tend to be out and about enjoying the sunshine. Many take the chance to vacation in the summer. There also aren’t very many major holidays during the summer (other than Canada Day/July 4th/May 2/4 in Canada and the US). This tends to mean shoppers are spending less time on their devices, and well, less time shopping.

To keep those sales sizzling, you’ll need to work a tad harder during the warmer months. You need creative ways to sell your products during these slower months. You can use an app like Fera and use the features we provide to add social proof and urgency to your site.

Summer Items

If it makes sense for your brand and for the products you sell, then why not sell summer products? Things like sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, sports gear and so on practically sell themselves in the summer. These items are must haves for those spending their time outdoors. Think of the products you may have, or those you could introduce, that would be needed during the summer months. Offer promotions and sales or highlight these products on your homepages. You can shelve some products that aren’t likely to do well, and keep your business going during the sweltering months of summer.


Shelve those products that won’t do well in summer months or stop stocking up on inventory for them. Rather, you want to increase the inventory of items that are deemed “summer products”. You can also plan ahead and chat with your vendors and your warehouses to negotiate deals. This will help you pass off the savings to your customers and keep your prices low to tempt and sell as many as you can!

Consider expanding your market

While North America may be experiencing summer, it’ll be cold on the other half of the globe. If you can manage it, try shipping internationally. By offering products to the new market you may be able to sell more and even offload some of your ‘winter’ inventory. Just keep in mind that new markets are tricky. Marketing may be different, and the wants and needs of these customers may differ from what you’re used to.

Side Note: Check out this Holiday Calendar that has every holiday on it-from the most obscure holidays like “Leave the Office Early Day” to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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