What is a smart free shipping promo bar?

A smart free shipping promo bar is a header at the top of your site that lets your customers know how much more they need to spend to get free shipping. This smart bar tracks the cost of items added to cart and updates the dollar amount in the bar to reflect it. Making this step easier makes it easier for customers to add items until they reach free shipping and checkout. Making your eCommerce store easier to use and naviagate will improve your sales.

How to show much left to spend to get free shipping in my cart?

When you are on your dashboard you’ll want to click on the ‘+ Add Skill’ button in the Skills tab. This will open a box that shows you all of the possible skills you can add to your eCommerce site. Search for the skill by typing ‘shipping’ or scroll until you find the one called “Show Free Shipping Top Bar’. This allows you to enable the skill and show customers how much they have left to spend to get free shipping.

The skill is divided into 5 tabs including location, content, design, behavior, and conditions. Check out this article for more information on setting up this promo bar within the 3 tabs.

Conditions Tab

To only show the free shipping promo for certain countries we will need to head to the “Conditions” tab. This tab lets you decide when to show your smart free shipping bar. It has triggers and conditions. The triggers are categorized by ‘time-based’, ‘mouse-based’ and ‘other’.

Time has the option to show the promo bar:

    When shopper has been on the site for…
    When shopper has been on the page for…
    When shopper has been INACTIVE on the page for…
    When shopper time since first seen exceeds…

Mouse-based has the option to show the promo bar:

    When shopper clicks on…
    When shopper mouse enters…
    When shopper mouse leaves…
    When shopper shows exit intent

Other has the option to show the promo bar:

    When page loads (DEFAULT)
    OFF (or manually triggered)

The conditions are based on the shopping cart, the shopper location or journey and the date/time. To show the promo bar only to customers from certain countries we will need the ‘Shopper Location’ condition. To include only one country simply click ‘+ Condition’, select country (or state/province/region, city name, is in a GDPR country or is not in a GDPR country if you want to be more specific). To not show in this country simply change the ‘is’ to ‘is not’. If you want the promo bar to not show or to show in more than 1 country we need the ‘+ Group’ to add multiple conditions. This adds another box and puts an “and/or” condition between them.

So lets say we want to show to US customers and Canadian customers. Set to country is Canada in the first box and country is US in the second. Make sure the selector between is set to “OR”. This means that if a visitor’s country is CANADA or US then they see the banner. Don’t use “AND” between as a visitor cannot simultaneously be from Canada and the US. The same goes if you’re trying to exclude countries, just use ‘country is not Canada’ and ‘country is not US’ and have the “OR” between them.

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