What are social proof popups in Shopify?

A social proof popup in Shopify is a popup notification that lets visiting customers know what customers on their site have bought certain products or services or added them to their cart. You can also add social proof as a feed on your product pages.

What is an add to cart?

An add to cart is a notification to show visiting customers who recently added a product or service to their cart. This shows the popularity of an item. It also shows that customers are purchasing things from you and creates a sense of trust and urgency with the visitors on your site.

How to add social proof to my Shopify store

You can use the Fera.ai app to add social proof popups to your Shopify site. When you are on your Fera.ai dashboard you’ll want to click on the ‘+ Add Skill’ button. This will open a box that shows you all of the possible skills you can add to your eCommerce site. Search for the skill by typing ‘social proof’, or scroll until you find the one called “Social Proof Popups”, or “Social Proof Feed”. For a more in-depth way of how to set up your social proof (popup) skill in Shopify, you can read this article.

How to edit and customize the social proof popup

The social proof popup skill (or feed skill) is divided into 5 tabs including: location, content, design, behavior, and conditions. Once you have the social proof skill setup it’s easy to customize it to work the way you want it to, like showing add to carts as social proof.

Head to the ‘Content’ tab. Within this tab you have the option to disable and enable orders and add to carts. You can choose whether to show only add to carts, only order, or to show both.

You can also set the lookback period for orders or add to carts to the following options: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 7 days, 2 weeks or 4 weeks (1 month). The lookback period is how far back the Fera.ai app will look to display social proof. If you’ve had the app for a month and have had 50 orders in the last month it’ll be able to show the social proof events for those. If you’ve only had 10 add to carts, then it’ll only be able to show these 10. The more events that happen on your site, the more there is to display.

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