Online reviews (like Shopify reviews) are important for your business because they allow new customers to have a point of referrence and trust with your business. They can see how others feel about your business and what kind of experience they had with your business and your brand. Reviews are like personal recommendations and many many people trust them. Therefore, Shopify reviews can be a major driver of eCommerce purchases and even increase your ‘click through rate’ (CTR).

Harnessing the power of reviews

We’ve discussed how important reviews are, but how do we get them and how do we use them? Obviously you want to leverage your customers to give you reviews. This is not always as easy as it sounds. You need to first provide your customers with excellent service and excellent products. You need to give them reasons to want to leave a good review. Once you’ve left your customers with a positive experience you can ask them to write about it! Send emails after purchases, or provide a link to your reviews on a postcard in your packagaes. Whatever you choose to do ask the customer to leave a review. You can even ask for them to “leave a positive review” or to “tell others about their positive experience with your business”. This kind of language incentives positive reviews about your business.

Using to harness reviews as social proof

Our app has the ability to use reviews and create social proof popups on your site. Using these testimonials as popups helps to create that social proof for new visitors to your site. It lets them see reviews from other customers who had a good experience. To get this setup you simply need to go to the ‘+ Pre-Built Skill’ button and add the skill called ‘Show Testimonial as Notification‘.

Shopify review popup example

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