Your dashboard has been updated

We just updated your dashboard and we couldn’t be happier!

This latest update is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it allows you to easily see how the Fera Social Proof app is influencing your revenue and conversion rate at a glance.

Not only that, but we have added functionality that will help you gather, manage and display your social proof!

Here is a rundown on the new features

  1. Your Store Performance At a Glance
  2. View all your social content
  3. How Your Skills Have Influenced Your Orders

fera social proof dashboard

See your store performance at a glance

Now you can see the overall performance of your store at a glance. We just show you the important information like

  • Unique Shoppers
  • Orders
  • Current Conversion Rate

Having this information when you open your dashboard is always useful so you can adjust your because you can see where you will give you a snapshot of your

View all your social content

We will show you all the skills you have running in your store and indicate their status with a colour coded dot.

Here is that the colors mean:

  • Green: This skill is active and running on your store
  • Yellow: Your skill is in the testing phase (learn more about A/B testing here)
  • Dark Grey: The skill is in draft
  • Light Grey: This skill is inactive

See how your content influences your revenue

This most important part of the new dashboard is the performance section. This section will help you determine how useful Fera is for your online store.

You will be able to determine how many orders Fera influenced and how many shoppers saw your social proof content.

ecommerce store stats by time

Easily view your historical stats

You can also view your historical statistics by

  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
  • All-time

We made this feature more accessible, to help you see how useful Fera has been for your store over time.

manage your fera billing

We also made it easier for you to manage your billing, stores and invite new users (like developers) to manage your store and edit your profile!

Updated Shopper (Buyer) Journey

Tracking your buyers and shoppers has never been easier. With the updated interface you can see

  • where in the world your customers are
  • what type of device they are using
  • their operating system
  • how many actions (events) they took on your site
  • their likelihood to buy from you
  • every page they have visited
  • which Fera skills they interacted with

how to track your buyer and shopper journey ecommerce

All this information will help you understand where your customers are coming from, what they are looking at and what type of social proof they are interacting with.

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