a/b split testing for online stores

We’ve added some new features to Fera’s A/B testing functionality that we’re excited about.

Simplified Interface

a/b split testing for online stores

The first thing you’ll notice is that we simplified the interest and moved the things that we believe are most relevant to you at to the top. At the end of the day, all you care about with an A/B test is Conversion Rate and Revenue Per Shopper, so those are at the top.

Website Funnel

a/b split testing for online stores funnel

Previously Fera showed product page funnel stats (views to carts to orders), but this was not super useful for content added with Fera that does not come from the product page.

The new website funnel functionality looks at all your shoppers and calculates a conversion rate across any shoppers that viewed each variation, even if they never visited a product page and went straight to the checkout.

Cart Abandonment Rate

a/b split testing for online stores - cart

We also added in a cart abandonment rate metric into the stats funnel so you can see which variation had less cart abandonment.

Head over to your dashboard to try it today: Go to My Dashboard

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