Calling all drop shippers!

We’ve now made it possible to be super precise with your Get it By Timer. Introducing… shipping depending on the city! To utilize this feature, click to edit your Get it By Timer.

After, select the What tab and click on the Behaviour tab.

Next, you’ll want to toggle the Shipping Depends on City? switch to Yes.

Once that’s complete, you can type any City into the new textbox that pops up.

cities to display

Need to include many different cities?

No Problem! Simply click +Row and then edit the Delivery Speeds Table to meet your needs.

Common Questions about the Get it By Timer

My Get it By Timer was showing yesterday but not today, how come?

The Get it By Timer will only appear if the countdown is within the amount of time you set for the Don’t Show if Timer Is Greater Than option.

If the countdown is greater than this value, then the timer will not show. Try increasing the Don’t Show if Timer Is Greater Than if you run into this issue. You can do so by clicking on the What tab and going to the Content tab.

when your timer shows

My Get it By Timer is Showing the Wrong Dates!

If your dates are not being displayed correctly (i.e. the delivery date is too far in the future), check if you have weekend shipping on.

The app only counts weekdays. So, if you also ship on Saturdays or Sundays make sure you toggle those options to yes! Find these switches by going to the What tab and going to the Behaviour tab and enabling the Ship/Deliver on Saturdays/Sundays

options for cities get it by timer

Still Have Questions?

Contact our support team through our live chat for help with any other issues you may have!

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