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While you could try and create and add your own social proof, it's probably better to leave it to the experts and choose one of the many apps that Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce has available to you. Pick an app that fits your theme, and that has good reviews. Different apps will do different things, so spend some time researching each one, see what people have to say about it (good and bad!), and see what it is going to add to your store. The best apps will have tracking metrics and data to show how much they help with conversions, or A/B testing to help test different versions against one another.

Don't feel like reading? See how these Shopify Stores are using social proof to boost conversions

1. Showcase your product reviews

You want to highlight all of the good things about your product(s). The easiest way to do that is by showcasing product reviews. People are very social and we like to know what others think. Showing off your reviews makes it easier for customers to make a decision. When a customer's questions are answered it makes them feel more confident about making a purchase with you. They can see what features other people liked (and didn't like) and choose based on that. Seeing positive reviews is also great because it means someone liked the product enough to go out of their way and leave a comment.

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2. Show your recent sales

Reviews are a great way to show customers that other people are buying your products, but you can also achieve this by showing your actual sales. Use an app that displays recent purchases on your site. You can add social proof this way by highlighting that customers in different cities have also currently purchased the product your customer is viewing. They may even see a sale notification for another item and that might pique their interest and they could end up buying further products on your site.

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Recent sales notification apps can either show popups or have a feed embedded like the app uses. Whatever your preference you can edit and customize to decide whether to show a product image, what colour the notifications are, or even if they have a time stamp on them. These customizations will depend on the look and feel of your store and even on how much data you have from sales.

3. Use actual data and real customers

Don't fake your data. Customers are clever and they know when things are fishy or seem a little bit too good to be true. You don't want to fake data as that can cause many issues and you can lose your credibility, as well as any trust your customers had in your brand and your products. Using real data is great and will highlight that others are wanting your items and purchasing them. If you're worried that you don't have enough or that the data is weird there are things you can do.
  1. You don't need a time or date stamp.
  2. You can just show the 10 most recent purchases, even if they happened yesterday or the day before, or use add to cart data and purchase data.
This will show customers who bought and also those that added to cart and will buy later, or are waiting for a sale or enough money to be able to make the purchase. Just try different methods until you find what works for you, rather than trying to trick customers.

4. Show the number of shoppers

Like we mentioned above, use the data you have. You can show a live count of the number of shoppers currently on your site, or visiting individual products or collections. This shows social proof in that it highlights the popularity of your product.

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If you notice 4 other people are looking at the same item as you it validates the feeling that the product is 'cool' if lots of people are checking it out. It also helps with adding urgency in that if 4 people are looking and there are only 2 of the product left, you might want to make a quicker decision and buy now instead of waiting.

5. Use real stock data and numbers

Show customers how much of an item you have. This isn't the best tip if you dropship because your supply might be very large. If you have lower stock quantities it's great to show them as it lets the customer know there's only a limited supply of the product(s) they may want. Like above, if you also show the number of recent purchases and/or the number of shoppers, then it's even more likely a customer will convert and make a purchase. That's because of the idea that they may miss out, or that there's only a limited number of something and they want to be the person to have it. It makes you feel like you're part of a special small club of people who have that same item, and it gives you a sense of uniqueness that we all enjoy sometimes.

Innovative Ways Shopify Stores Are Using Social Proof

Now you have a great idea of what other stores are doing to add social proof and increase sales. The only question is how are YOU going to add social proof to your website and get a slice of the pie?