CTAs or a "Call to Action" is something used in e-commerce designed to provoke an immediate response (clicking a button, calling now, subscribing, etc.). But CTAs aren't always about generating further sales. They can also be used to generate leads, inform your customers, or even to encourage social sharing.

The 3 Cs in a Call to Action

  1. Call
  2. Convince
  3. Convert


Use the first person. Just by changing a pronoun you can dramatically increase the success of your call to action. "Get my free gift now" differs subtly from "Get a free gift now" but it can have a huge effect on your customers and convince them they need to do something now to get in on the offer!


Keep it simple, but specific. Use language your customers will understand and create a process that makes sense. As a business, you know where you want your customers to go-but they might be confused. You need to nudge them in the right direction and keep your CTA simple. Compel your customers and convince them as to why they want what you're offering and it needs to be easy.


It's key that you don't assume how your customers will act. Definitely, use A/B testing and see what is and isn't working for you. You don't want to assume something is great that in reality, your customers hate about your site.

Social Proof Call to Action

Some CTAs are designed to bring a customer closer to making a purchase, even if the "add to cart" button isn't currently in sight. You can use it to get customers to sign-up for your newsletter just by saying things like "Join X million of your peers" to boost your conversion rate. But remember-don't be fake or unbelievable because you'll stop creating urgency and instead create a bad, untrustworthy picture of yourself.

You can also use CTA for social media by including buttons that make it extremely easy to share content to any kind of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. If customers can see that products have been shared on social channels it shows that people liked the product enough to promote it on their own personal accounts to their followers. It also shows the product/service was well received by others. This means not only are you boosting your own sites social proof, you're also boosting your marketing reach, win!

Good Words to Use for CTA

  • Use verbs or action words like-Start, Stop, Join, Learn, Discover (ex. Discover how to use X now)
  • Negative CTAs-Troubled, Worried (ex. Worried about your conversion rate?)
  • Personalization of your CTA- use you/your, me/my (example from above "Get my free gift now")
  • Communicate value-Want, Need, Save (ex. Save time by using X now!)
  • Make it urgent-Now, Today, Before Ends, Fast (Get it before time runs out!
As your customers find themselves hovering over a CTA, make it as easy as possible for them to do it and convert them!