IMPORTANT NOTE: has removed the option to "boost viewership counts" as of June 9th, 2018 to comply with Shopify's policies. We do not want to promote fake data so you can only display real data and numbers with the App.

Setting Up Boost Feature Gif

What is the Boost Feature?

In case you don't already know has the ability to "boost" your viewership, order and add to cart counts. The boost is to help get you new stores off to a good start. Boosting makes it look like more people are shopping on the site which increases your conversion rate.

Can customers detect Boosted numbers?

Absolutely not. Boosted numbers are still naturally counted up and down over time and they still increase/decrease based on current viewer/order/cart counts!

What are Custom Boost ranges?

When the feature is enabled (see above) it uses a random seed for each of your products to start your counts at. Before this feature was created you were limited to the default randomization ranges. They were between 3 and 25 for views, 2 and 15 for add to carts and 2 and 10 for orders. However, with this new feature, you can specify what you want your seeds to start at within a random range. For example, if you want your viewership counts to randomly be between 100 and 150, then set minimum=100 and maximum=150.

Where do I set Boosting?

Boosting is set in the Widgets edit screen from within the social proof/urgency platform.