Want to Boost your Online Revenue?

Week 12 

You can easily add revenue to your pockets by using Fera to add and leverage 3 super effective and easy techniques.

  • Scarcity: Showing items that are low in stock, ie. Fera's Product List and Product Detail Widgets.
  • Social Proof: Getting your own customers actions to help convert new customers, ie. Fera's Social Proof Widget.
  • Urgency: Creating a time limit to promote the completion of an action before the time runs out, ie. Fera's Cart Timer and Get it By Timers.
The Fera.ai app does what people do in real life for brick and mortar stores. When you're shopping online you don't get to see how busy a site is, how many t-shirts are left on the rack, or how much time you have to buy before the store closes! Because of the huge move to online shopping and e-commerce we've seen, we decided to bring some of those IRL feelings online. So that's Fera's main goal: To help create scarcity, social proof, and urgency for the e-commerce world. We do that by giving you 5 important widgets to add these feelings online. Those widgets are: Social Proof Feeds , Product Detail Counters, Product List Counters, Get it By Timers, and Cart Timers. But why's that important? To boost sales of course. Creating those same real-world feelings, but online, is what helps to get people to convert and hit that 'Buy' or 'Subscribe' button. It's what drives conversions in real life, but what was lacking online Read more about scarcity, social proof, and urgency!