Have you ever wanted to give your customers an experience unique and individual to them? With it's totally possible. You can tailor the experience of each customer to increase their chance of conversion and get them coming back for more! In this blog post we'll be going through some widgets you can add to your store (custom and pre-built) that will make each customer's journey on your eCommerce site one they won't forget! Keep reading to find out how...

Influencer Marketing & Instagram

Suppose you do a lot of your marketing on platforms like Instagram. Or maybe you work with influencers who support or sell your products. With you can customize the journey of the individual shopper by recognizing where they came from. Perhaps they click a post where you're selling a t-shirt by a celebrity model who is the promoting influencer. Now, you know they have some interest in the product, but how do you keep them around to make the purchase? How do you convince them to buy further products? Easy! You create a custom widget that prompts them to buy when they're inactive on the page. Or maybe you push similar products below the t-shirt by other model influencers. Better yet- offer them a special discount on the t-shirt! All of this is possible using a custom widget in the app. The example below integrates with pushowl to send a push notification to your website visitors

Push Notification Widget Content Tab

Offering deals and promotions for only mobile or only web customers

Do a lot of your customers come from mobile? That's not a problem. You can customize widgets so that they only show for mobile customers, or, alternatively, customize them to now show for mobile customers at all. You can make each widget look and act the way you want so you don't need to worry about crazy popups taking up half of your mobile screen real estate. Create custom messages like the one shown below based on the journey of the visitor.

Custom Message How To Give Each Influencer A Customized Version Of Your Store

A specialized promo bar

We've all seen the standard promo bar that lets shoppers know you have free shipping, but have you seen one that changes the amount left to hit free shipping? Enter the promo bar! 

Free Shipping If You Spend 50 How To Give Each Influencer A Customized Version Of Your Store

As you add items to your cart, it does the math for you and lets you know how much closer you are to free shipping.

Spend 33 For Free Shipping How To Give Each Influencer A Customized Version Of Your Store

 Once you add an item to your cart (like the $17 one I added) it lets your shoppers know how much they need to add to their cart to qualify for free shipping! (In my case, $33 more) You can also add a promo bar widget that shows based on the shopper's location. For example, perhaps it only shows for Canadian customers to let them know about your Canada Day promotion. Or maybe you want to let your US customers know about the July 4th weekend sale!

Why is all this customization useful?

Customizing your eCommerce store in this manner makes customers feel special. They won't be annoyed to later find out they are only eligible for your sale if they lived in a different country. They won't be annoyed by pop-ups and shipping timers for customers from the US when they're in Canada, and maybe they are even welcomed with a special message because they are a returning customer. Something as simple as a welcome message in Spanish to Spanish speaking customers can make the difference between someone who makes a purchase versus someone who doesn't. And who doesn't love that?