What is the Verified by Fera social proof badge?

The verified by Fera badge helps your shoppers understand the social proof you are displaying is real. All stores using Fera automatically start displaying the 'Verified by Fera' badge on all counters and social proof feeds.

It shows on hover. No external links.

Social Proof Verification Zoom

When your shoppers hover over any social proof content with the 'Verified by Fera' badge, we will tell them that it was authenticated by our system. The badge will be displayed on the following content:
  • shopper counts
  • recent sales pop-ups
  • reviews and photos

Why use it? More trust = more sales.

Shoppers are looking for signals that your store is legitimate enough to buy from. Showing them that the social proof you are displaying is authentic will build trust and can boost conversion rates.

Verified Socail Proof By Fera

You can turn it off if you don't want it.

If you want to opt, don't worry. You can do that by following these instructions

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