Reddit is often an overlooked social media platform. When you think about eCommerce or marketing your mind probably isn’t drifting to Reddit. But I’m going to tell you why you should check it out more often and start thinking about it as a community that can end up helping your business.

What is Reddit?

Reddit calls itself the “front page of the internet” and honestly that’s the best way to describe it. It’s a collection of forums, where people can share stories, videos, opinions and anything else they may want to share. If you can think of a topic there’s probably a ‘subreddit’ or forum channel dedicated to that topic. But seriously, there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to ‘real bees wearing fake top hats’. Check it out if you don’t believe it!

If you just want an overview you can head to the front page of Reddit. It serves trending posts from a variety of subreddits. You can filter by what’s trending, what’s new or even by what’s controversial. You can also search by topic, key word, or subreddit in the navigation bar. Reddit is governed by admins who dictate what type of content is allowed as there are community guidelines to Reddit, and also within subreddits.

So how does Reddit tie into eCommerce?

Because Reddit is a platform for just about everything it is a great place to learn about what’s trending and get people’s opinions on things. For marketers this may mean checking out comments to see what users are saying about your company/products/brand. It’s also useful for first-time business creators who may want ideas for what to sell. Two great subreddits are ‘Buy It For Life‘ and ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’. Buy it For Life is a reddit thread where posters talk about products they’ve had that have survived a long time. These are products they stand behind, they’re durable and they’ve continued to do their job. It’s also a place to post if you want suggestions for say, a new vacuuum cleaner, or a new desk chair, or the best place in LA to get your car washed, whatever you might need.

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