Product reviews are something that every eCommerce store should be collecting in order to take your business to the next level.

Once you have been able to collect multiple reviews, it’s time to display them effectively on your store so your customers can see them.

By simply showcasing your reviews, regardless if they are positive or negative, you will be validating your brand to website visitors so they trust you enough to make a purchase. Then in turn your sales and conversion rate will go up!

Examples of Amazing Product Review Pages

Here’s a list of product review pages (Fera and other platforms) and we detail what makes them so effective.

1. Alora Boutique

What makes this product review page work

This review page is excellent as it showcases customer photos at the top and then customer reviews below. Also, notice that the store is also replying to each customer review.

Lastly, the verified by Fera icon shows that the customer reviews are validated from real customers. Very clean and effective!

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2. Luxedore

What makes this product review page work

This review page is very clean and it allows customers to see all the necessary information within the reviews to be able to make a buying decision.

3. Wise Trail Running

What makes this product review page work

This review page was customized to perfectly match the theme of the website.

Each review is detailed and the verified by Fera icon helps to show website visitors that these are legitimate customer reviews.

4. Bodylastics

What makes this product review page work

This product review page is very effective as each review has the verified by Fera icon so shoppers can be reassured that these reviews are from actual, verified customers. 

In addition, they customized it to match the feel of their store.

5. The Easy Tile Leveling System

What makes this product review page work

This store’s product reviews page was customized to match their store’s theme to make it a seamless addition to their website.

The product reviews that have been left from customers are very detailed and some even included a photo they’ve taken which also helps to validate the product and brand.

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What makes this product review page work

This is another great example of how you are able to fully customize the look and feel of your review page when using Fera!

This easy and seamless integration allows website visitors to easily see the information they need when exploring an eCommerce website.

7. Bluestok

What makes this product review page work

This review page has a clean look to it with a white background and colored text to match their brand.

They also have the reviews center-aligned for easy reading and the company has also begun replying to reviews which is a must!

8. Footwork Shop

What makes this product review page work

The Footwork Shop does a great job of ensuring they are replying to customer reviews, even if they are positive reviews, to let customers know they are being heard.


What makes this product review page work

This review page has a clean and minimalistic look. Customers are also giving great detail in their reviews, so the incentives must be effective in encouraging customers to take their time and to leave a review.

10. Birch + Willow Gifts

What makes this product review page work

This review page shows all the relevant information such as the customer name and location.

The store owner also does a great job of not only replying to reviews but also being specific in the reply to make the customer feel heard and valued.

11. Aritzia

What makes this product review page work

This company’s product review page is very thorough as it has a strong focus on reviewing the sizing, as it’s a clothing store. 

By having the sizing scale at the top and each review has the customer’s height for reference, visitors are sure to find their correct size while shopping online.

12. Lululemon

What makes this product review page work

Similar to the previous example, especially for popular clothing stores, it’s important to have a review page that is very detailed about sizing. 

One of the common reasons people may not buy clothing online is the fear it won’t fit correctly. So with all the detailed information, this company is trying to make customers feel comfortable shopping online.

13. Ikea

What makes this product review page work

The very familiar store with everything, Ikea, has a unique approach to showing their customer reviews. 

When you click reviews it opens a side menu where you can take a quick glance at some reviews and there is also a rating scale for different categories like “value for money”. 

This can help customers make a quick buying decision without having to read through a bunch.

14. Keurig

What makes this product review page work

This review page has been customized to also match the brand perfectly. 

This review page also goes into great detail about all the different factors customers may consider before buying.

What makes product review pages work

The top three characteristics of the best product review pages are

  1. Customization
  2. Verified buyer badges
  3. Store owners responding to reviews

Keep these things in mind when you are adding product reviews to your store

How to get started with product reviews

With Fera you are able to manage your reviews, easily respond to your reviews, and display them beautifully on your website. 

1. Import your existing reviews

Now, before you can start to display your product reviews beautifully on your website, you will need to import your existing product reviews or gather new ones.

Here’s a step by step on how to import reviews with Fera:

  1. Download Fera product reviews app from the Shopify app store
  2. Import your existing reviews from:
    • Shopper Approved
    • Shopify Reviews
    • Loox
    • Yotpo
    • Stamped
    • CSV file
  3. Follow the instructions for each platform you are importing from as they may vary.
  4. Watch them all import into the Fera app!

2. Display your product reviews with Fera

Display your product reviews on your eCommerce store with Fera in 4 different ways:

  • Product Reviews
  • Average Rating Badge
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Wall of Photos

Now you will be able to build trust with your shoppers when they see product reviews on each product page. If you want to get more reviews, check out this article on review request campaigns

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