What is blogging?

What is a blog? Well in short imagine it as an online diary. Well, at least that’s how they started out. It was a place for people to talk about their lives or share things. In 2019 it’s grown into a new way to communicate information. So, a blog is an online journal (or website, or part of a website) that displays information. Usually newer posts appear first, and then rest fall in line chronologically by the date and time they were posted. A blogger is a person who writes blogs, and blogging (verb) is the act of writing a blog

Why do people blog?

Blogging is to share information or recipes or stories. For a business they might use blogging to get their keywords or their site ranked more highly on Google or other search engines. Running a blog makes your website searchable and competitive. It helps connect you to a relevant audience, and to potential customers. It can boost the traffic and the leads to your website. Adding a quick call to action (CTA) will help turn that blog traffic into good conversions!

Why does your eCommerce store need a blog?

Blogging is an awesome way to create and build an audience. You can generate traffic and sales for your growing online eCommerce business. Even posting every once in a while, can help you out. Blogs help improve SEO, explain your product and related topics, and they can even increase engagement. Most of the idea of content marketing is related to writing good blog posts. Write about your product, write about similar products, or competitors. The topics are endless!

Increasing your businesses searchability

Blogging helps to get more reach for your business. It helps your SEO. It means your site has more pages, and more pages means that more internal links are pointing to your homepage. There are more chances that someone might come across your blog and find your site. If your blogs get shared, then they get linked to other sites and your page rankings can improve. This will help you climb higher in search engine results and put your blog in front of more and more people. Having posts every so often helps people to see that your website is being updated and that it’s being taken care of. Google rewards active sites by ranking them more highly

Tell your businesses story

Blogging lets you get a bit more personal with your audience. You can craft the story of your business and make a case for why consumers should go with your products and your brand instead of your competitors. People respond emotionally to stories, and they will connect more to your company if you can tell a good story. Your blog can help you get noticed by other sites and people. They’ll share your content and hopefully tell all their friends!

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