Where does your traffic go?

Most sites are set up with a static homepage. This means that when someone visits your site they are coming to your homepage. That means you want that landing page to be the one that converts people. You want your site optimized to turn any traffic into revenue. A great way to do this is to use social proof to convince your potential customers to become paying (and returning) customers. Social proof can be a way to boost your conversions by over 50%. So let’s go over 8 different ways you can showcase social proof on your most important page: the homepage.

  • Showcase where your content has been shared

Other blogs and sites can be extremely influential. So why not leverage their fan base, fame and spread on the internet? Try to showcase people using your products/services, other blogs or sites that have shared your content, or even sites that have written about you (especially if they’re A-list)! By showing you visitors that other people stand behind your product/service or brand, you’re boosting their confidence in you. You could even just use a “As Seen On” header with the logos of the blogs or sites that have showcased your own site.

  • The proof is in the numbers

Display your numbers! Show how many customers have bought your product, how many have downloaded your book, your star rating, or even just the total number of customers you have. When you show these analytics you are displaying undeniable facts through the numbers. Customers are more likely to trust this than just words alone.

  • Have others back you up

Display the good things others have said about you. You can have customer reviews, industry leader quotes on your brand or even just showcase other big names who have trusted you to help them out. Getting people in your niche market can be all the more compelling to your customers.

  • Show who uses your stuff

People love to see that other companies and people have trusted your product enough to try it out themselves. Show brands you’ve partnered with, or you can even display the number of users who have signed up for your services. If you have hundreds of users that displays your product must be good and trustworthy, I mean hundreds of people can’t be wrong, right?

  • Do you have awards?

Good. Showcase them, everyone loves a winner.

  • Certifications

Along with awards you can showcase any certifications you may have. Showing you’ve been certified by something else that is trusted can go a long way to building trust and credibility in your brand. Some certifications are free and you just need to take an exam to qualify. Do these and show the world how credible you are.

  • Reviews, reviews, reviews

Flaunt those happy customers. People trust product reviews more than we trust the product description even. A lot of people look at reviews. Ask yourself if you’ve ever checked reviews before purchasing something on Amazon? You’ve probably done it at least once, so expect that’s what other people are doing. Testimonials can help other customers make purchasing decisions and seeing other people ae happy makes them more likely to buy things and get that happiness for themselves

  • Social media anyone?

Have your products been shared on social media? Have celebrities mentioned how much they love your products? Has another major brand mentioned you on Twitter? Whatever it may be take advantage of your moment in the spotlight. Show your customers that you’re highly respected by others. Flaunt those mentions

The Full List of 8

  • List the popular sites you’ve been mentioned on
  • Showcase your numbers
  • Highlight your testimonials
  • Reference your big clients and companies you’ve helped
  • Display any awards (especially industry ones)
  • Showcase your relevant certifications
  • Reviews, reviews, reviews
  • Flaunt your social media mentions

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