Banana Stand live in the city

Social Proof is the new marketing!

Surprisingly social proof has been around forever. Changes in social media and the way we interact with one another has made it even more versatile and easier to use than ever before. Referrals from other customers results in higher lifetime value and we always look to our friends and peers to see what’s new so that we don’t miss out! Now, you cannot force people to interact with each other, but the internet is making things a whole lot easier. If you share and create useful, interesting, funny, exciting content tailored to your customers (and their needs) then they can’t help but get involved in your brand!

Social Proof is in the People

In the image above, you can see just how popular the banana stand is. It’s a lot like our own app; at the time of writing we’re #2 in Shopify’s Sales Apps. Because brands and companies have become more personal and “human-like” we’re expecting human-like qualities from them, like trust. Trust is now a central feature to a consumer’s engagement with a brand. We like to live with the group, when you see a bunch of other people crowded around the banana stand you might also feel the urge to join and trust this line-up of people, I mean if it wasn’t good or exciting why else would they be there?

Line up of people wondering why they're in line

How Fera uses Social Proof

We like to think we’re ahead of the curve on Social Proof. I mean, we’re built entirely around it right-how can we not be? Fera does things a bit differently than some other apps you may see out there. We like to keep it real and introduce trust into the mix. That’s why you can’t fake Social Proof notifications in Fera. The app lets you choose whether to show ‘events’ (add to carts or purchases) and for how long to show them. You can also set a max number of events to display and choose whether or not they’re only from one gender, if they display pictures and so on. Everything is customizable to your store, and your brand.

Banana Stand Social Proof notification on a Banana Bag

We also don’t believe in popups. That’s why our Social Proof notifications are automatically embedded into your site. Now, we do realize some people swear by them, so we have also added the option to have notifications pop out. Another major difference that we stand behind is creating trustable and realistic Social Proof. That’s why we show our notifications only within a product page (and only for that product). Our belief is that customers don’t want to be bombarded by Social Proof. They want a natural experience tailored to them.

Paul from Austin, Texas sure as heck isn’t going to care that Nicolette from Brazil just bought her dog chew toys when he’s looking at a banana bag. Seeing a notification that says something like “Nicolette from Brazil just ordered 3 Squeaky Fire Hydrants 5 minutes ago” isn’t going to make Paul any more likely to buy his banana bag. There’s no urgency in that kind of a notification system, especially when it’s on every single page of your site.

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