Hopefully that urgent title caught your attention a bit because that’s what we’ll be talking about today-URGENCY!

urgent text sign

What does urgency do?

Urgency is used to capture attention, focus potential customers on what you want them to see (or what action you want them to take) and have them hurry to do it (probably from a fear of missing out).

Some guy (John Kotter) once said that true urgency is rare because “it is not the natural state of affairs. It has to be created and recreated”.

So, let’s get urgent

How do we make something urgent? The biggest and easiest way is time. We all basically fear time anyway so why not use it? This basically works by offering something (like a sweet deal) but then tacking on that you have a tight timeline to get the sweet deal (say 4 hours?). By offering them something they probably want, like free shipping, a discount, $ off, you get them to take action. Limiting the time in which they have to take action makes their decision urgent. As in do it now or miss out and feel bad about it forever.

Scarcity and Urgency go hand-in-hand

You don’t need time to be urgent. You can also use scarcity as a tactic to create a sense of urgency in shoppers. Letting people know there is a limited stock leads to immediate sales as customers are afraid they’ll miss out otherwise.

Dilbert create a false sense of urgency comic

You can also add the idea of scarcity through raising the price. While it’s doesn’t show that the item has limited stock, it shows that that price has a limited stock. Essentially the first people who order get a discount of some sort, and then after those first say 100 shoppers, the price goes up. This idea of price scarcity gets people buying, trying to scoop up products before they become more expensive.

Let us know in the comments how you like to use urgency.

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