Yes! You Should be Using a Cart Timer

If you aren’t using a cart timer you need to navigate right back to your eCommerce site and get on it!

A cart timer is the easiest way to add urgency to your business. Just adding a timer to an open promotion, or a message saying to hurry and checkout has, on average, much higher rates of engagement.

How do I utilize a Cart Timer?

You just need to add a cart timer to your site. While you can probably hire a developer or site designer to do this (or spend hours looking for a good theme with one pre-built) you can probably just find an app. Fera utilizes a Cart Timer skill in our app, so that’s a good place to test it out.

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You’re going to want to set up some things first. Consider the placement and appearance of the Cart Timer. You’ll want it to be bold and stand out, but not too overpowering so that you scare your customers away!

With Fera, you can move the snippet of code in your theme files to different places. Maybe you want it underneath the “Your Cart” title, or perhaps under the “Checkout” button. It’s all up to you.

By default, the bar is red as it’s a colour that tends to go hand-in-hand with urgency. But you can test it out and try different combinations of colour and what the message says. Everything is easily customizable so that part won’t be a hassle.

How do I know this is even going to work?

You can guarantee it. With built-in AB testing (at least with Fera’s Cart Timer) you can actually see if a cart timer is helping you get any conversions. That nifty little feature will help you decide if it’s even worth it to bother, and I definitely say it is!

You won’t know until you try right?

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