Feature Requests/Road Map

This page may be outdated.

This page contains a list of feature(s) and improvements that have been requested by our users that we are seriously considering (or have already started) working on. To add to this feature list send a message to .

For Tools (Social Proof Feed, Social Proof Popups, Product Detail Counter, Product List Counter, Get it By Timer, Cart Timer   Promo Bars)

  • Social Proof Feed scrolling notification ability
  • (done) Adding A-B Testing to Social Proof Feeds, Cart Timers, and Product List Counters
  • (done) Make it so you can create/delete custom event notifications from the admin
  • Add flags to the notification
  • (done) If the person viewing is from the same country as the current visitor, then don’t say what country they’re from – just city/state
  • (done) Add the ability to switch from faces to product images
  • Ability to choose which random faces appear in notifications specifically (upload your own) and the ability to show generic profile pics instead of the random faces
  • (done) Preload headshot images before displaying a notification.
  • (done) Ability to choose a different same-day shipping cutoff time for weekends/days (ie. can ship weekdays until 12am but on Saturdays only until 10am)
  • (done) Ability to choose the locations where Social Proof, Product Detail and Get it By Tools appear (seperate from one another)
  • (done) Can now change Time-Out message to a different style than the Countdown message
  • (done) Ability to set a date range for the Get it By Timer (“Order now to get it between April 3 and 6th!”)
  • (done) Ability to duplicate campaigns

Totally New Feature(s)

  • (done) Customer Journeys
  • (done) Promo Bars
  • Set template options for customization
  • Add ‘Notify me’ when back in Stock
  • Feature in the Cart Timer with editable text like “Get an extra 5% off if you order in the next 5 minutes” to create urgency
  • (done) Order in X to get it by Y Timer
  • (done) Add urgency to the checkout process (cart, purchase page, etc)

For Product Page Urgency & Counters

  • Implement Fire emoji 🔥  thresholds
  • Add ability to randomize limited inventory message
  • Add low stock thresholds that support different variants. For example, it should show “Only 1 left” when Variant A is selected but if Variant B has 10 in stock, then it should show the default stock message for variant B and only show the low stock message for Variant A.
  • Make stock “only X left” message show for whatever variant is selected in Shopify instead of using a sum of all the stock levels.
  • (done) Ability to customize the “Limted Stock 🔥!” portion of the notification messaging

For Campaign Management Within Tools

  • Send an email to store owner before a campaign ends so that you know when to turn on another campaign and view the results of the ended one.
  • Improve the schedule UI so it’s not using UTC

Setup Improvements

  • (done) Add Swedish as an out-of-the-box language
  • (done) Add Thai as an out-of-the-box language
  • (done) Add Portuguese as an out-of-the-box language


  • BigCommerce integration and full support
  • Magento integration and full support
  • More custom platform documentation and support.
  *Any item that has a strikethrough is something we’ve already implemented or created for you!