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Content Moderation

Approve or decline any content that is submitted to your site before it appears to your shoppers.

Low quality customer reviews, photos and videos can actually have a negative effect.

New content notifications

Get alerted whenever a customer submits a review, photo or video.

Approve, decline or touch-up

Approve great content, decline poor quality photos, or correct spelling mistakes that your customers submit in their reviews.

Easy posting to social media

Show the world the love you’ve received by easily posting approved content to your Facebook page.
Secure Servers & GDPR compliant
World-class Live Support
Developer-friendly APIs
Super-high Speed Servers

You’re in good hands

Fera is built by a world-class engineering team based out of North America. We’re almost always available to help via live chat.

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Show social-proof content to build trust and drive sale.
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