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A/B Testing

Use science to optimize your conversion rate and put the right content in the right places.

Use A/B tests to confirm that new content increases profitability despite fluxations in traffic.

Any Fera content ON vs OFF

Choose which Fera-generated content you want to test to see if it is better ON or OFF.

Two different funnels

Get conversion rate stats for your product page funnels and revenue/shopper stats for your site-wide funnels.

Added intelligence to results

A standard A/B test will simply tell you which variation had a higher conversion rate, however Fera will also tell you how much more (or less) your conversion will become
Secure Servers & GDPR compliant
World-class Live Support
Developer-friendly APIs
Super-high Speed Servers

You’re in good hands

Fera is built by a world-class engineering team based out of North America. We’re almost always available to help via live chat.

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