Showcase social proof content to build trust and drive sales.

Other things you can show

Increase average order value
  • Gift Banner

    Increase your average order value by offering shoppers a free gift with purchases over a ceratin amount.

  • BOGO Banner

    Promote larger checkouts by showing your customers a BOGO offer in the cart.

  • Free Shipping in Cart

    Show a ‘You are only $$ away from free shipping’ bar in the cart based on the shopper’s order total and location.

  • BOGO Free Offer Popuop

    Show a popup to your shoppers when they add a qualifying product to their shopping cart. Customize the popup to display product options (color, size, etc.)

  • Upsell Products in the Cart

    Offer your shoppers popular or complimentary products in the cart. Create rules to determine what product to show based on what is in the cart.

Increase urgency
  • Get It By Timer

    Show the time left to buy a product in order to get it by the soonest delivery date.

  • Product Sale Countdown Timer

    Display a countdown in the product detail page(s) for a product that is on sale so shoppers know how long they have left to buy the product while it is on sale.

  • Countdown Promo Bar

    Show a countdown timer top bar with optional discount code and links. Set conditions to only show to new shoppers or shoppers from ceratin referal links.

  • Timer in Cart/Checkout

    Show a timer in the cart/checkout (where possible) to move shoppers to complete their purchase.

Increase Trust & Loyalty
  • Cart Trust Icons

    Display some trust-boosting icons below the checkout button to increase shopper trust.

Improve Customer Experience
  • Push Notification Promo Upon Inactivity

    Show inactive shoppers a push notification to their phone/browser that mentions the specific product that the shopper was last looking at.

  • Remember Shopper Size

    Remember shopper’s size and pre-select it for them the next time that size is available for any product.

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Show social-proof content to build trust and drive sale.
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