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Social Proof Events

Show recent shopper events as social proof popups or embedded social proof feeds.

When people see others shopping at a store, it feels like the store is popular and more trustworthy.

Mobile-friendly popups or feed

Don’t like popups? Show recent shopper events as an embedded social proof feed instead.

Order, cart and review events

Show product purchase events, add to carts, and whenever someone submits content like a review.

Custom frequency and lookback

Customize the frequency at which your social proof poups or events show up, how far back they look and much more.

Easily customize anything

Any aspect of content shown with Fera is easily customizable - no developer required.
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Secure Servers & GDPR compliant
World-class Live Support
Developer-friendly APIs
Super-high Speed Servers

You’re in good hands

Fera is built by a world-class engineering team based out of North America. We’re almost always available to help via live chat.

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