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How to install

Step 1: Add Footer Script

All you need to do after your account has been created is install the footer script before your website pages’ ending </body> tag. It should look something like this:

Replace YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY_GOES_HERE with your public API key (found in your account’s Store Settings -> API tab here).

Optional Methods

Describe current product being viewed with setProduct()

Describe current shopper with setShopper()

Describe current shopping cart with setCart()

Step 2: Push Conversion

Event Whenever an order or conversion event occurs, we need you to let us know for Fera to work properly.

Push order or conversion events with pushOrder()

Step 3: Push Add To Cart

Event (optional) If you want to track add to cart events for your Fera skills, you’ll need to let us know whenever a shopper adds a product to their cart.

Push add to cart events with pushAddToCart()

Other Integrations

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