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2 Important Parts of the Get it By Timer

The Get it By Timer

The Get it By Timer we offer can be quite confusing to first time users. So this article aims to clear up any confusion about the timer’s purpose and how you can make it work for you.

What the heck does it even do?

I’m assuming mostly everyone has shopped on Amazon at one point or another. Amazon utilizes similar timers where they let you know that if you order by a certain time (that it is counting down until) you can receive your product by a set date. This helps set expectations for when you can expect your items to arrive, especially if you’re on a time crunch or need something before a specific date. Amazon Get it By Example So, Fera brought the Get it By Timer to your eCommerce store. It lets you set delivery tables for certain countries, cities and regions. It allows you to decide if you can ship and deliver on weekends, and how long the shipping will take. We’ll explore these settings more to make it understandable.

Behaviour Tab

This tab is where you can set your delivery times. We are based out of Ontario, Canada so I’ll use us as an example. In Ontario, you can ship anywhere in 5 days. So I can set up the table to say Canada, Ontario, 5 days. Now let’s say it takes me between 10 and 14 days to deliver to British Columbia. I can add a new row and I can put 10-14 in the “day(s)’ box to include a date range.¬†When I set up the delivery speeds table the idea is that the notification will only appear on the product page for people from the countries, provinces, cities that I set the table to. If I don’t set a generic “Any Region” “Any Region” it won’t show to the rest of the world.

How to set up the Cutoff Time

The Timer detects a customer’s location via their IP address and then compares this to the table and shows the correct date and time based on their geographic location. The other important feature here is the “Same-day Shipping Time Cutoff”. This is the last time of the day that you can ship until. So if my post office closes at 5pm I would set this at say 3pm. Then any order I get from 12:01am until 3pm I can ship before my post office closes. So, if a package is going somewhere in Ontario and I get an order at 2:00pm (and I said I could deliver in 4 days) it would arrive on Thursday as that is 4 days from now (because we shipped out today we included it). Then if someone orders after my cutoff time of 3pm then the item would ship the next day and arrive in 4 days, which would be Friday. If you have different cutoff times for Saturday and Sunday, you are also able to set this in the app.

Content Tab

This tab gives you the options to decide how long and when you want the timer to display. If you set “Don’t show if timer is greater than” to 24 hours the timer will always display (assuming you ship weekends-otherwise Friday gets weird). So until 3pm (cutoff time) it will be counting down so if it’s 1pm it’ll say you have 2 hours left to order). After 3 pm the timer restarts at 24 and counts down as there are 24 hours until it’s 3 pm again (the next day). If you set the “Don’t show if timer is greater than” to say 8 hours then the timer will count from 7am until 3pm (because that’s 8 hours) and before 7am nothing displays and after 3pm nothing displays, as there are more than 8 hours until the next cutoff time. Under the “Delivery Date Format” section, it lets you choose the format to show delivery date (weekday, month, day) like fully written out, short-form, or even numeric.

Other Settings

Now you can set all sorts of parameters in the ‘Conditions’ Tab. This tab allows you to set filters for when you want to display the Get it By Timer. You can also choose to set up your Widget to only run for a certain time (maybe only a month?) and also prioritize it over similar Get it By campaigns you may have set up. The ‘Design’ tab lets you edit the appearance of the notification and the CSS/HTML tab lets you (or your developer) make even more changes to the notifications.

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