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All Major Updates

This list will give you an overview of the most noteworthy and relevant updates we’ve made to the Fera.ai App! The list lets you know what we changed, added, and fixed for each “version”. Fera has a continuous deployment system for updates so we don’t exactly have versions. We created this so you can see our continuous journey and see where things happened if we did have “versions”. This isn’t a full/comprehensive list of updates so if you have any questions/concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Finally, you can also check out what else is new here.

★ Version 1.3 Updates~ Released 05/01/2018

  • Changed
    • There are now 7 Skills (Social Proof Feed, Social Proof Popups, Product Detail Counter, Product List Counter, Cart Timer, Get it By Timer & Promo Bar)
    • New Customization Tour Walkthrough
  • Added
    • Ability to search Help Articles within the App
    • Campaign Display Filters to let you choose when notifications will display
    • Date range for Get it By Timer (get it June 4-6)
    • Ability to duplicate campaigns
    • Social Proof Feeds (Apr.30.2018)
    • Promo Bar (Apr.20.2018)
    • Customer Journeys
    • Added options for lookback period
    • Added a timer template system for the Promo Bars to improve them with languages and customization abilities
  • Fixed
    • Campaign filter bugs
    • Shopify product syncing webhook error
    • Bugs with the Social Proof Popups not showing product images
    • Automatic Manual Integration is much smarter now
    • Shopify product sync error where inventory was not showing correctly
    • Minor typos
    • Merged timer template improvements

★ Version 1.2.1 Updates~ Released 01/23/2018

  • Changed
    • Campaigns are now called ‘Skills’ and there are 5 of them (Social Proof Feed, Product Detail Counter, Product List Counter, Cart Timer, & Get it By Timer)
    • New Installation Screen & Loading Indicator/Improved Onboarding Process
  • Added
    • Get it By Timer for Delivery & Shipping (Jan.23.2018)
    • Added Thai and Swedish as out-of-the-box languages
    • Functionality to split Skills and decide their location
    • A-B Testing for all Skills (previously only for Product Detail Counter)
    • Smarter Geo-tagging
    • Add smart collections into category URL search for sampler
    • Additionally, we added Swedish as one of the out-of-the-box languages
    • Ability to delete social proof notifications in reports
    • Inventory tab for Product List Counters
    • Weekend Shipping/Delivery for Get it By Timers and the ability to choose a diffe4rent same-day shopping cutoff time for weekends/days
    • Can change Cart Timer ‘Time Out’ message to a different style than the Countdown message’
  • Fixed
    • Footer script preloading making our script not have to wait until the page is loaded. This is for Shopify and means content loads first.
    • Made the ‘Preview’ button smarter (picks the best sample page/product to test on)
    • Fixed issue where unpublished products or empty collections were showing in the preview
    • Shopify uninstall webhook error
    • Manual integration of code. Fera can more easily (and safely) detect where the code snippets belong
    • Product syncing errors
    • Speed issues
    • Any bugs occurring in new Skills
    • Minor typos

★ Version 1.2 Updates~ Released 01/10/2018

  • Changed
    • Campaigns are now called ‘Skills’ and there are 4 of them (Social Proof Feed, Product Detail Counter, Product List Counter & Cart Timer)
    • New Installation Screen & Loading Indicator
    • Translation ability for “Time Ago” strings
  • Added
    • Get it By Timer for Delivery & Shipping (Jan. 23.2018)
    • Storefront Admin Panel for easy access to perform admin actions (i.e. resetting timers, toggling test data with your skills). *Note-this is only visible to Admins-NOT customers
    • Ability to pop-out Social Proof Feed notifications
    • Auto-integration of list pages for common template files
    • Integration error notice if containers did not integrate into the store’s Shopify theme (only visible to Admins-NOT customers)
  • Fixed
    • Code to ignore/not process any bots events appearing in the Dashboard ‘Current Shoppers’
    • Cart integration checker
    • Synced product inventories after orders occurs
    • Improved conversion reports section
  • Security
    • Added Failsafes

★ Version 1.1 ~ Released 07/2017

  • This was the original Banana Stand App (before we rebranded) 🍌


*Note-Click here to see any suggested updates or releases, or send an email to  to suggest an idea!

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