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Cart Timers

What are they?

Fera’s Cart Timers allow you to add a countdown to the cart process in order to add urgency to the checkout process.

As with everything in Fera, all texts, colours, designs and even the templates are completely customizable.

Why use checkout and cart timers?

In a retail in-store (brick and mortar) experience customers have to stand in line to pay for their products. Once in line they have people behind them and they feel a pressure to complete their order.

Online, this pressure doesn’t exist on its own. Fera Cart Timers solve this by letting you define a time limit for customers when they hit the shopping cart.

How do they work?

When a customer adds a product to the cart (or changes their cart) and begins a checkout Fera uses your Cart Timer to countdown to a number you specify with a message you specify.

What happens when the time runs out?

When time runs out the customer is shown a “Time is out, checkout now to avoid losing your order!” message.

Cart Timer Sidebar

How do I add them?

Just create a cart timer from the Skills → Cart Timers section. In this section you can easily customize the message you want your customers to see, the time limit the counter will count-down from and the message that appears when the timer runs out.

*Make sure your store’s cart is properly integrated with Fera. If you need help with integration please contact our support team.

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