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Changing “Someone just bought this” Text

Social Proof Feeds/Popups

The point of social proof is to display to your visiting customers that other people have already purchased or added items to cart. Because you can’t physically see this online like you can in a brick and mortar shop, Fera introduced the idea of adding social proof notifications or popups to your eCommerce site. Notifications will display either a customer’s first name, or it says “Someone” if it cannot identify their name, and display that they either “just bought this” or “just added this to their cart”.

Changing the displayed text

Let’s say you don’t want it to display “someone”, maybe you have something that fits better with your brand or sounds a bit friendlier instead. Since Fera’s templates are easily customizable you can change this to say “A(nother) Happy Customer” or something along those lines instead.

First, log into the Fera.ai App. Then click on the Social Proof Feeds or Popups Skill and either edit or create a new one to get started. Click on the Custom Template Tab (in the “What” tab). We want to enable the tab next to the text that says “Custom HTML/Liquid”. Once that’s enabled you’ll be able to see the code that controls the design of the Social Proof notifications.

We want to scroll to the right in the code to see where the word “Someone” is. It comes right after the customer-name string in the code (line 10). We can easily delete “someone” and type whatever we want there instead. Then when the app cannot find the customer’s first name it’ll display as “A(nother) Happy Customer” instead. Don’t forget to save after this step so that it updates our changes.

Social Proof Popups Text

To have this appear the same in Social Proof Popups we can follow the same steps. We just create or edit the skill and then click on the Custom Template Tab. Enable the Template and find the word “Someone” again and replace it with your desired phrase.

See your changes live

Now we can go see our changes live. Try adding an item to your cart (if you have ‘show recent add to carts’ on in the settings) and then refreshing the page to see the social proof notification appear. It should say “A Happy Customer (or Another Happy Customer)” now instead of “Someone” when the system cannot find a customer name. Try testing out different phrases here or switch back to “Someone” whenever you want.

"Another Happy Customer" Social Proof Notification

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