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How to create a promo that only people from a certain country see

Step 1: Create a Promo Bar

From the dashboard navigate to the left sidebar and click on ‘Promo Bars’ under the Skills section. We want to probably create a new one if we already have a promo bar running. We can always pause our other one, or turn it off, or even delete it. It’s easiest to disable the other one in case we want to use it again.

Promo Bar Skill

Click on the ‘Create a New Promo Bar’ button. This will take you to the general settings tab of the new promo bar.

Create a New Promo Bar Button

Step 2: Settings

Now let’s go ahead and get the settings customized. We can set the schedule if we want this bar to only show for a month, or for a certain day. If we don’t set a schedule it will always appear. We are going to target this promo bar to Canadian customers. In the Behaviour tab let’s set the message to: “🇨🇦 Canadian customers-Checkout within %TIMER% and use code %DISCOUNT_CODE% for a discount!”. We’re going to leave out the link part, this discount will be good for all products.

Editing the Timer settings

Let’s turn on the timer in the ‘Timer’ tab. We want to set it to ‘Time Limit from First Seen’ so when a customer comes to the site it counts down from 15 minutes, rather than doing a countdown to a date (like you would for a sale). I like the timer showing hours, minutes and seconds so we can leave the template alone, and I don’t want to show a bar once the timer ends. If you want to edit the timer template read this article.

Timer Settings in Promo Bar

Editing the Discount settings

In the Discount tab we will de-select the ‘use pre-existing code’ option to create a new discount code. I will call it ‘Canada15’ and set it to expire at the end of the year. It’ll be a 15% discount and I won’t set a minimum total you need to spend before being eligible to use the code. I also won’t set a limit per user, or a total usage limit. I don’t mind letting every customer use the code, and I don’t care how many times they can use it.

Promo Bar Discount

The Design tab lets me get creative and add my own colours, borders and so on to make the Promo Bar fit my theme and brand. I can check the preview every time I make a change to make sure I like the way it looks on my site.

Once you’ve edited all of the settings you can go ahead and hit create. You can also go to ‘General Settings’ and disable and then save so that the bar is not quite live yet. Doing that ensures not everyone sees it until we’ve set the conditions to only show to our Canadian site visitors.

Step 3: Display Conditions

Head over to the ‘Display Conditions’ tab. We want to choose the ‘Add rule’ button. Since we just want to show to Canadian visitors we don’t need to create a group. If we wanted to show only to North America we could choose ‘add group’ and then select Canada, the US, Mexico, and all the other North American countries for example. From the first drop down choose ‘Country’. Then the second should be ‘is equal to’ and in the last box we can choose Canada. The other option is ‘not equal to’ if you wanted to show in all countries except Canada. You can read more about the display conditions and the possibilities here.

Step 4: Making it Live

Click create to make your timer. Don’t forget to enable the skill again in the ‘General Settings’ tab if you turned it off and hit save to update the changes. Preview will let you see the skill live on your site. Keep in mind it ignores conditions to show you a preview, but live on your site your Canadian visitors will be able to see it

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