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Shopper/Customer Journeys

Shopper Journeys are the latest feature on the Fera.ai app. They will allow you to help personalize your business online by understanding your customers and the visitors to your site. You’ll be able to see their journey as they navigated through your site and what they recently purchased. It’ll allow you to customize their experiences and find out what other products they may be likely to buy based on other customer data. You’ll be able to access Shopper Journeys from your Dashboard in the left panel by clicking on Research and then Shopper Journeys (as seen in the screenshot below).  

The Views of the New Shopper Journeys Section

This section shows the Shopper’s name (anonymous if it isn’t found) and their location. It also shows you their last activity on your site (ie. viewing page, clicking on ‘add to cart’, etc.). You can see the time the shopper was last seen, the number of events they have, and also likelihood to buy. When you click on the name of a shopper (or when you click on the ‘Anonymous Shopper’) you’ll be taken to a new screen that looks like this:   When you’re on your Dashboard you’ll also be able to click in the ‘Active Shoppers’ box on a name and it’ll take you to that shopper’s journey.

Customer View

The Customer View has 4 tabs: Timeline, Recent Orders, Products Interested In and Learned Behaviour. It will also display the Customer’s name, email and location-as well as showing a little yellow dot on the map to visualize where in the world they are. Timeline shows the activity of the shopper and what time the activities occured at. This shows what they did on your site and when they were engaged by Fera.ai widgets. Recent Orders shows any orders said customer recently purchased. Because the system tags the shopper anytime they return or do an action it tracks in their individual shopper journey. The Products Interested in tab lets you know similar products to what they looked at, or ones they looked at on your site. Learned behaviour lets you know if the shopper returned after 24 hours, if they came from Facebook or Insagram and other such key behaviours. You’ll also see the banner across the top that has 4 key metrics/datapoints. It lets you know when the Customer was last seen as active on your site, how much they’ve spent (in USD) in the last 30 days, the total number of events, and their likelihood to buy (as a calculated percentage).

Timeline Tab

The timeline tab lets you see a timeline of events for the Customer. It lets you know what activities they did on your site, like when they ordered, when they viewed and when they were engaged by Fera. It’s important to note that this only shows orders and events that occured within the last 60 days, as well as engagements that have either happened recently, or that resulted in a purchase. So essentially a user may have experienced more events than those shown, we just highlight the key ones.  

Recent Orders Tab

This tab shows you the recent orders (if they have any within the last 60 days) by the Customer. It gives you an order number, item count, lists the items purchased, when the order was created (date and time) and the total of the purchase in USD.

Products Interested In

This tab shows you a list of suggested products for the Customer. This is done by seeing other customer purchases of the same product and what else they may have purchased with it, as well as other purchases the Customer may have made. It shows you the product IDs which can give you data to decide what items to bundle, discount, or even cross-sell to increase your sales.

Learned Behaviour

You can either find learned behaviour when you click on the tab within an individual shopper’s journey, or when you click on the behaviour in the list of shoppers that appears when you first open the data tab and go to shoppers. These are behaviours like returning after 24 hours, coming from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or even if they abadoned the checkout. Learned Behaviours page This new feature lets you understand your customers more and gather information and data about their purchasing and browsing habits to personalize their shopping experience and tailor it to them. This opportunity to make each customer’s experience unique and personalized will help you drive sales and give you the insight you need to drive your sales and boost conversions even further!

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