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How to Customize Social Proof Display Pictures

Social proof notification example.
When Fera is showing social proof notifications it will first try to find the customer’s profile picture based on publicly available information (like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Gravatar).

If it cannot find the user’s profile picture, Fera will select a generic profile picture based on the customer’s name. For example, let’s say it found that the customer’s name is “Paul”, then it’ll use a male profile picture. Also, it won’t change for that customer after it’s used once. If Paul purchases something again it’ll create another social notification with Paul’s same profile picture.

Want the display pictures for Social Proof Feed messages to show differently for you? Fera offers a few different options:

Show Only Male or Female Gender


Generic Social Proof Profie Picture

You can set Fera so it won’t try to guess customers’ genders (and display a generic gender profile picture when the customer’s name is unknown). You can then you can specify a gender.

For example, if you only sell products to women, you can tell Fera to ALWAYS use a generic female profile picture. Fera will only use the generic photos when the real user’s profile picture is not found.

Don’t Show The Display Pictures At All

Show Social Proof Images Settings

If you don’t want to show any social proof display pictures you can disable them by editing campaigns. Do this by going to Social Proof Feeds → Edit → Profile Pics then setting the ‘Show Profile Pics?’ to No.

Customize Which Random Pictures Appear (Coming Soon)

Soon you can customize which images may be used when the user’s profile image cannot be found. Please follow us on Twitter @feracommerce for update announcements.

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