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Display Conditions

What are display conditions?

Display conditions are settings that you can use that tell the Fera.ai app to only display notifications based on certain conditions. This means you can define the attributes of pages or locations on which the notifications get shown.

Why use conditions?

Conditions are important to how you want to display your notifications. Maybe you want to use a certain widget but you don’t want to test it on certain collections or say you have a discount, but you only want to offer it if customers have a certain number of items in their cart, or you only want to display a cart timer if the cart has certain popular products in it. You can do all of this and more with the Display Conditions.

Where do I find display conditions?

This functionality is available within all of Fera’s widgets. There is a separate tab in each of the widgets that is titled ‘Display Conditions’.

How can I set up the conditions?

When you first enter the tab you’ll notice the warning that explains how your widget is only visible to your shoppers if the widget satisfies all of the conditions. If the conditions are not satisfied, then the widget will be displayed at all times (provided that it is configured to show with the other settings you have). You can start by setting up a rule, or adding a group. Deciding which one to use will depend on what you want to do. If you just want to exclude notifications on your homepage then you’d set a rule. If you want a timer to only show on weekends, and only if a customer has been on the page for a certain amount of time, and it’s a specific product then you’d set up a group of rules.

What are the condition options?

In the Widgets, you can set many different condition options. There are 22 different display conditions you can use on your eCommerce store:
  • Request-Page URL
  • Request-Is Mobile?
  • Customer-ID
  • Is GDPR Country?
  • Country
  • City Name
  • Region Name (State/Province)
  • Time Since First Seen
  • Session Time
  • Shopping Cart-Shopping Cart Product IDs
  • Shopping Cart-Shopping Cart Variant/Option IDs
  • Product-Tags
  • Store-Current Day of Month
  • Shopping Cart-Total
  • Store-Current Month
  • Store-Current Date
  • Product-ID
  • Shopping Cart-Item Count
  • Shopping Cart-Total Weight
  • Store-Current Hour
  • Store-Current Day of Week
  • Product-Name
*Note: Social Proof Popups, Cart Timers, and Promo Bars don’t have the following display conditions: Product-ID, Product-Tags, Product-Name Condition options dropdown menu

And/or conditions

You can set the conditions to be and/or. And is an include option, or is an instead option. So, for example if you want to use a Promo Bar but only want it to display on weekends you would set a group rule. Add two columns. Set ‘Store-Current Day of Week’. Set it to equal, and then enter Saturday. Then for the second line do the same thing but enter Sunday instead. Make sure the condition is set to ‘or’. You can’t use ‘and’ in this case because a day cannot simultaneously be Saturday and Sunday. If you try to create rules that don’t work you’ll notice you will get a red error that won’t let you save that display condition.

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