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How do I enable test mode?

What is Test Mode?

Test mode is an option that allows you to preview (or test) the skills of the Fera app. It allows you to make design and setting changes and see how these will look on your site. We have a test mode because we use live data and due to that you may not always have live visitors to see how, for example, a visitor counter might appear on your site. In all skills, there will be a Preview Window in the Skill Editor to easily see what it looks like.

How to Preview a Skill

Our NEW Skill Editor allows you to preview a skill on your website live in the Preview Window! All edits you make will also be instantly reflected in the Preview Window. Note that if you are using display conditions the preview will ignore these and just show on your page (even if your display conditions are set to exclude that item). Only you can see the store preview, it isn’t live or changing things for visitors.


Location Selector

Some of the skills allow you to choose where the skill will appear on the page. These have a ‘Change Location’ selector in the ‘Location’ tab.

When you click to choose a location, simply hover your mouse over the Preview Window and select a new location. Suitable locations that you can select will show up as a blue bar.

Testing Specific Page(s)

If you want to test specific pages (besides the default one the app chooses to display the different skills on) you can add ?test_mode=1 to the end of your URL. If you’re on a product page and you add that to the URL you’ll see any skills that may run or could run on that page. You can also set a specific URL to use as a tester.

*Note: When you use the view store preview button within any of the skills it will show only a preview of that skill (and hide others). So lets say you have Get it By Timer and Social Proof Feeds set to display on the product pages. If you are editing the Social Proof Feeds and go to click preview, it’ll show you only the feeds. The app hides the Get it By Timer to focus only on the skill you’re currently working on.

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