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How does Fera calculate gained sales?

Fera provides a counter for some merchants that shows how much value it has created. This number is currently used in our pricing plans to decide which tier your store fits into. This will determine if you’re on a startup plan, a small plan, a medium plan or a custom large plan. Fera does this by calculating the attribution of sales.

*Don’t forget that as long as your average monthly revenue is less than $10,000 and monthly unique visitors engaged by Fera is less than 2000 then you qualify for a 1-year free credit towards the more valuable $49/mo plan ($588 in value!). We don’t make any money until YOU do!

Calculating the Attribution of Sales

To calculate the attribution of sales first Fera determines a statistically likely conversion rate increase number. To do this it looks at what % of your visitors converted into sales with Fera ON versus what it was with Fera OFF. We call this a “double blind test” or an “A-B test“. This method has also been used by scientists to prove the effect of life-saving medications you use today because it is so accurate. On average across all our merchants we see a 12% increase in conversions, so we use that number if you have not run an A-B test for you own store already.

After a percentage % conversion rate increase has been determined, we can now simply take your last month’s sales and multiply the increased conversion rate to see the difference. Here’s a sample calculation that Fera would do:

Example Calculation:

Conversion Rate Visitors This Month Total Sales This Month Gained Sales Because of Fera
Fera OFF 3% 10,000 300 ($21,000) $0 (since it is off)
Fera ON 3.6% (up 20%) 10,000 360 ($25,200) $25,200 – $21,000 = $4,200

In this case Fera’s gained-sales figure is $4,200 for the month.

What if my sales fluxuate?

The beauty of using a conversion rate increase A-B test figure, is that even if your sales go down. If your sales go down -10% one month and Fera has proven a +12% increase in conversions, then you can assume that without Fera you’d have seen an EVEN WORSE decrease in sales of -10% – 12% = -22% instead of the -10% you observed.

Doing Your Own A-B Test

If you’d like to get a much more accurate representation of gained sales due to Fera then you can run your own A-B test through the platform. Edit/Customize one of your skills (with the pencil icon) and go to the “A-B Testing” tab to setup an A-B test.

Our support team can help set this up for you from within the app if you subscribe to one of our paid plans.

Remember: Fera is free for a year if you’re making under 10,000/mo!

Where To Learn More About A-B Tests

For more information you can read the resource on A-B Testing. This article from VWO is also a great read for further understanding of what A-B testing is and how it works.

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