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The Fera Dashboard Viewer Counter

What is the Dashboard Live Shopper Count?

Once the Fera.ai app has been installed to your store, you’ll have access to a ‘Dashboard’ that looks like the one highlighted below, where you’ll see the number of viewers on your site called ‘Active Shoppers’. This list and map will let you know some key metrics on your visitors based on data from your own store. The Active Shoppers list, will show you key metrics of those who are currently on your store. The key metrics include device type, device brand, browser type, their physical location, what page on your store they are viewing, and a timestamp. The map highlights the location of each active shopper with a green dot. As you may have noticed, this dashboard is live and taking data directly from your own store.

How is this Different than Other Viewer Counters/Live Shopper Counts?

There are many other different types of viewer counters out there. Some you can fake or change to make it seem like more people are currently on your site. Other sites may use data and analytics that show different data to you that may not be as useful, or can even be misleading! Some counters may include bots, crawlers or other fake visitors to your store that shouldn’t be included as potential customers.

Google Analytics

Counters like Google Analytics have a ‘Behaviour’ tab that lets you know what customers are doing on your site. Rather than categorizing by what customers are on a product page, they’ll show customers viewing any part of your site, like the homepage/landing page, and any blog posts/articles you may have. This shows an overall view of who may be viewing your site, or what areas are popular. What you can’t gain from this is an insight as to how many people are actually viewing your products, and who will be buying your products.

Shopify Dashboard

Shopify has an analytics dashboard as well. In this view on your store (if you have a Shopify store) you’ll also have a ‘Behaviour’ tab that can show you reports on either ‘visitor by device’ or ‘visitor by landing page’. Again the difference is that it will show you visitor counts for those who are on any part of your site (blog/articles, Q&A section, homepage, products), NOT a shopper count of people either looking at products or looking at their cart(s). They also give you a visitors over time graph, and other options to filter the data. Again though, you can only see pages the viewers are on, devices they’re on, pages they’ve been referred from, or their location. This can be misleading as you might equate large counts with lots of buyers and in turn, lots of money!

What is the Dashboard Live Shopper Count Actually Counting?

Our Fera dashboard live shopper count may be a bit different than any metric you’ve used before. What it counts is the number of visitors who are currently on your site on a product page. It won’t include bots, crawlers, or people viewing other things on your page like a blog, or social profile. This number is important and more accurate to what you want to know for your store. These are the potential shoppers. These are the people you are targeting to buy your products and they will notice the Fera social proof or urgency messages underneath the product. Likely they’ll be more inclined to make a purchase. So think of the ‘viewer’ count as more of a ‘shopper’ count.

Advantages of the Dashboard Live Shopper Count

A counter allows you to track and monitor the number of unique visitors to your website or store. It helps you see how popular (or unpopular) your site or certain pages are. This can help you when redesigning content to make it more popular or easier to use. Additionally, you can make plans for any future content you want to create. A social proof aspect visible to your visitors is that much like in the real world when you notice a store or site is busier with people or traffic, you may be encouraged to join in. This can convince visitors to engage with your content, or even convince them of the ultimate goal- making a purchase!

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