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Why is Fera not working if I change my theme?

Integration of Fera

For Fera to be fully and correctly integrated there need to be 8 pieces. First of all, you should edit your theme. We want to find a file called “theme.liquid” and open it. We need to include the snippet {% include 'banana-stand-footer' %} at the bottom of the file before the body tag. It’ll look a little something like this: Then in your “Snippet” folder your should have 4 files with the word ‘banana’ in them. These are titled as follows: Then you need to have 3 other snippets within your code. These 3 snippets are {% include 'banana-stand-product-list-container' %}, {% include 'banana-stand-product-page-container' %} and {% include 'banana-stand-cart-top-container' %} Those 3 snippets control different widgets. The first one controls the Product List Widget. The second snippet controls the Social Proof, Get it By Timer and Product Detail Widget. The last snippet controls the Cart Timer Widget. With the new functionality, we added you do have the ability to split where the Get it By Timer, Social Proof and Product Detail appear. Let’s say you maybe want Product Detail below the ‘Add to Cart’ button but the Social Proof above the button. You can do that by following this article’s instructions. If you want to move all 3 connected widgets to show in a different spot than it does you can follow the instructions on changing the location of Product View/Details Page here. You can also move the location of Cart Timer and Product List by following our reference guides here and here. If you do end up changing your theme the easiest way to get things fixed is to reach out to our support team. Those 4 snippet files you should have won’t migrate over if you change themes. We don’t automatically re-integrate them because if you’re trying to uninstall or delete snippets the system would see your theme changed (as it would assume you updated) and try to reintegrate. That would definitely be annoying if you’re trying to remove code! So if you require help with integration please reach out to

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