Amazon uses Get It By Timers, now you can too!

Ever been on Amazon, the world’s biggest eCommerce store as of 2018, and noticed the countdown timer that shows up with the delivery date? Now you can offer the same thing, but fitted and customized for your brand and store.  

What are Get It By Timers?

Get It By Timers let you add urgency to your product pages. They provide customers with an idea of how soon they can receive the product if they order it now.

How do Get It By Timers work?

Get It By Timers dynamically look at current shoppers’ locations (through their IP addresses) and provide a timer that tells them the cut-off time that they should order the product by for it to be shipped by a specified date. In the image above the shopper has ~2 hours to order the item for it to arrive by February 28th. When you create your Get It By Timer campaign you will have the opportunity to define delivery speeds. Like this: If the shopper fits within the delivery speed estimates you specify and the time left to order today is less than your threshold, then Fera will display the timer. Below you can see where to change the settings about when to show the countdown timer. This one is set to 8 hours (you want something relatively low. Saying “Buy it within 50 hours” doesn’t exactly help create urgency. If the countdown timer says anything less than 8 hours (example), then the countdown timer will not be shown. Then you can set a cut-off time like 3 PM in the example below. This is the time the shopper must place their order before the order can be shipped on the same day. Otherwise, the Get it By Timer will add an extra day of shipping to the total number. If you say you can ship anywhere in Canada within 3 days and your cut-off time is 5 PM, after 5 pm it will take 4 days. This is because it assumes you can no longer provide same day shipping to the customer as you’ve passed your cut-off time for shipping.

Not seeing the Get It By Timers?

Follow this guide here to see why they may not be showing or contact our support team for help.

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