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Why are my Get It By Timers not showing?

If you’re not seeing the Get It By Timers in your product pages the issue can be any of the following things:

1. Is the time left more than the “Don’t show if timer is greater than” setting?

Below you can see where to change the settings about showing the countdown timer. This timer is set to 8 hours. You want a¬†relatively low time since saying “Buy it within 50 hours”¬†doesn’t help create urgency. If the countdown timer says anything less than 8 hours like in our example, then the countdown timer won’t show.

2. Are you past the maximum time cut-off?

If the current time is 5pm and your “Same-day Shipping Cutoff Time” is set to 3pm, then Fera will assume that the shipment will be delivered the following day. This means that the user now has 22 hours left to order, which could be above your “Don’t show if greater than X” threshold (see above). You can configure this cutoff time as shown below.

3. Do you ship to your current location (by IP)?

If Banana Stand isn’t configured to ship to the current shopper’s IP location, then the notifications won’t show. You can configure the locations that you ship to in the table below.

4. Is it a weekend?

By default Fera assumes you can’t deliver products and don’t ship products on weekends. That means that if it’s currently 2:30pm on Saturday and you ship at 3pm weekdays, then the next shipping time cutoff is 3pm on Monday (47:30 hours away). Most likely this is above your “don’t show if timer is greater than” value (see above), soFera won’t show. If you do in-fact ship and/or deliver on weekends, you can change the settings in the Shipping & Delivery tab.

5. Is your product detail page integration OK?

If you are getting a warning that Fera isn’t integrated into your product detail pages then the Get It By Timers won’t show. Either follow our product detail page integration guide or contact our support team for help with this. Finally, when editing, if you’re not getting a warning when clicking the “preview” button on the top right, the integration is likely fine.

Still not seeing it?

Contact our support team or chat with us live so we can help you troubleshoot what’s going on.

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