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How Can I Test my Social Proof Tool?

Social Proof Notifications are NOT fake!

Don’t worry-we get this question a lot! It’s initially hard to tell if the Fera.ai App is working on your site. That’s because we aren’t a fake app and people don’t expect notifications to appear naturally.

Check Your Site Live

First, navigate to a product on your homepage. Then add ?test_mode=1 to the end of the URL and refresh. This will run a sort of ‘test mode/preview’ on your site. Do this step because it will let you know that Fera is integrated and appearing where it should be (not hidden behind banners if you have it set to popup). If it is not integrated correctly or giving you errors, reach out to our support and let one of our engineers give you a hand with things. You can reach *Please note to only check the items that you told Fera to appear on. If you either enabled display conditions with ‘contains’ or ‘doesn’t contain’ then the notifications appear only on the URLs you included, or only on URLs that you did not exclude.

Check your Shopper Events Report

This Report can be found in the top right corner under the “Content” tab -> Events. It shows you the shopper events that occurred within 30 days of installing Fera. This gives you an idea of which products on your store have events and will show social proof notifications. It also allows you to delete notifications that you don’t want to appear on your site at all.  

Getting your Social Proof Widget setup

There are many settings within the Social Proof Widget to let you customize how notifications will appear on your site. Within the widget you can decide to enable which notifications you’d like. The two events that can be displayed are add to cart and purchase events. You can also set a lookback period. A lookback period allows you to tell the Fera.aiApp how far to look back for ‘purchases’ and ‘add-to-carts’. So, if you set it to 24 hours (say it’s 9PM now) and someone purchased a t-shirt at 11PM yesterday then it will show that social proof notification on the t-shirt today until 11PM (then it’s past the 24-hour window).

Double Checking things are working

You can check if Social Proof is working by navigating to your site as if you were a customer. Try adding a product to your cart. Then go to the Fera dashboard and go back to Data–>Social Proof Events. You should see that someone from your location just added that product to cart (if you have add to cart events enabled in the Widget). When you click on the link to that item you’ll go back to the product and you should see a Social Proof notification appear either embedded or popped up depending how you have it set. Social Proof Notification Example

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