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How to create an on-going review request campaign

What is an on-going campaign?

An on-going campaign is a way to automatically request a written review and photo and video content from customers. Displaying user-generated content helps potential customers trust your brand. So we made it easy to collect all types of reviews automatically. product reviews

Why should you use an on-going campaign?

This feature will help you build a collection of reviews and testimonials that are crucial to building the trust of your brand. It will save you time by sending content requests to your customers automatically after they have purchased from your eCommerce site. By having a strong collection of reviews of your products to showcase on your website, customers will trust your brand by seeing real reviews from real people who love your products.

How to add an on-going campaign?

When you are on your dashboard, you’ll want to
  1. Click on the ‘Campaigns’ Tab.
  2. From the dropdown, select ‘Content Campaigns’.
  3. Find the button in the top right corner that says ‘+ New Campaign’.
This will open a box allowing you to choose what type of campaign, select ‘Ongoing (Autopilot)’.

How to customize the feature

The feature is divided into two tabs including:
  1. Request Options
  2. Message Customization

Tab #1: Request Options

This tab lets you decide what you want to request from your customers. This includes written reviews, photos, and videos. Simply click on the options you want to include. This tab also lets you create an incentive you want to offer to your customers for submitting a review. By clicking the ‘+ Add Incentive’ button it will ask you whether you want to ‘Create New’ or ‘Choose From Existing’ incentives.  When creating a new incentive, there are a few ways to customize it. Start by selecting which type of incentive you would like to offer your customers: a discount, points, or a cash incentive. If you select the discount option, you can choose if you want to generate a unique incentive discount code for each customer or to have a single discount code for everyone. You can select a fixed amount or percentage off and type in the value. The final step is to check off which types of content they must submit to qualify for the incentive. The third option for you to complete is to choose when you want the content requests to be sent to your customers. Select the number of days after the order is either fulfilled or created. You are also able to further customize this step by adding conditions.

Tab #2: Message Customization

This tab allows you to customize the message that will be sent to your customers requesting them to submit review content. Customize the theme, subject line, message, and sender information. There is also a live preview of how the message will look to the recipient. By being able to customize the message you can ensure it accurately reflects your brand.

Test and Send

Once you have finished customizing your message, you can send a test. Be sure to “Save” your message first and then Test it. These buttons can be found in the top left part of the screen.


Now you can launch you campaign. Press the “Launch” button at the top left screen. That’s it. Now you can enjoy all the reviews that come in!

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