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How to import reviews from Judge.me

If you have an existing collection of reviews for your online store from the review platform Judge.me, you are able to import them all with Fera!  Each review that you add to the Fera app, you will need to assign it to a specific product in your store.

How to import your existing reviews

  1. When you are on your dashboard, click on the ‘Content’ tab. It will open a dropdown.
  2. Select ‘Reviews’. This is where you will be able to add new reviews and manage all of your existing ones.
  3. Click on the ‘+ Add’ button in the top right corner to import your existing reviews.
  4. Under the “Import From” section, choose Judge.me.
  5. Add your private token in the field
  6. Now connect to your Judge.me account.
    • Once connected, press the “Import All” button in the top right corner.
In addition to reviews, you also have the ability to add new and existing testimonials to your website. Testimonials are the generic comments that people have about their overall experience with your business, not a specific product.

How to find your Judge.me Private Token 

To connect to your existing Judge.me profile through Fera, follow these steps:
  1. Log into your judge.me account in a separate tab.
  2. Go to settings -> Integrations under Developers Section.
  3. Find & copy your Private Token Value.
    • Your Private Token Value for Judge.me is your Judge.me API
  4. Head back to the Fera app and insert the value into their corresponding field.
  5. The Shop Domain field should autofill.
  6. Now you can press the “Connect Judge.me” button.

How to display reviews with Fera

Now that you have imported all of your reviews from Judge.me, it’s time to display them with the Fera app. Here are some examples of Fera content that you can use to display all of your reviews and testimonials:

Product Reviews

product reviews

Average Rating Badge

average rating badge testimonial carousel Head over to the “How to display product reviews” article to learn how to add reviews to your product page.  

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