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Is Fera Free?

The Trial Period

Every new user to stumble upon the Fera.ai App will get 30 days of a free trial. This means you have a full month to use the app without being charged anything. There are no strings attached to this offer, you have full access to all the skills we have and everything in the app, regardless of your size. The 30 days start from the day/time you install. After 30 days if you exceed the free plan limits you’ll be asked to choose a subscription plan or you will no longer have access to the app.

All users have access to our live support. We use Intercom. It can be found through the app or even through our website. It’s a little chat bubble in the bottom right when you’re in the app or on our site.

The free plan remains free as long as you stay under the $100/mo (USD) in gained revenue cap. If you exceed this limit you’ll be asked to subscribe. Don’t worry it’ll let you know in app and you’ll get reminders, and you may even be able to authorize charges when you first signup. There is a handy little “billing” section under the ‘Settings’ header in the app.

Our motto is: Free unless Fera helps you sell more. Period.” We stand by that.

The Plan Tiers

On our page for pricing you’ll notice we have 4 pricing plans highlighted. These aren’t our only 4 plans, we do have some options in between, these are just the 4 most popular plans. The 4 pricing plans are Free, $9/mo, $49/mo +3% of gained revenue and custom. We do also have the plans $19/mo, $29/mo and $39/mo as well as the option for custom flat rate pricing plans for enterprise websites.

These plan tiers are based on gained revenue/gained sales (we use these interchangeably). You’ll also be billed in USD (American Dollars) no matter where your business is located. It just makes it easier for both of us to manage.

How do we Calculate Gained Sales?

We calculate gained sales/revenue by using conversion rate increases from statistically significant A/B test results. Let’s say your conversion rate increased by 10% and your sales were $11,000 that month. As a result that means Fera was responsible for a $1000/mo increase in sales for your store. Gained sales are any revenue created by visitors who were engaged by notifications from the skills Fera offers. So if a user comes to your site and sees a Cart Timer, or a Social Proof Popup they are considered “engaged”. If they were to make a purchase without seeing any notifications then this would not count towards your gained sales from Fera.

Gained sales are counted for 30 day (monthly) periods. So if you make $90 in gained sales in by July 31st then you’d remain free. If you next month you made $115 in gained sales you’d be in the $9 a month plan tier as you exceeded the free plan limits.

Notes on Pricing

You can cancel anytime. If you’re in the free trial this costs you nothing and you’re able to reinstall and continue the 30 days of trial. You can also install and uninstall the app all by yourself-no coding required. Since Shopify handles all billing, the moment you delete the app the moment you stop getting charged. If you’re 10 days into a billing cycle you’d get charged for 10 days of usage (not the full 100% cost of a month). If you have any issues you can always contact our or contact us through our Intercom live chat.

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